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Giveaway 2018 …


My latest Goodreads giveaway just came to a close. 1,964 people entered to win either a Chanel Bonfire paperback or the Heart of Glass audio book. Thanks to all who entered and congrats to the winners! I was a bit unpopular in the post office line when I showed up with a mess of books to mail, but copies are on their way to Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York and Washington.

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Stranger Things …

Randomly surfing the web, I came across a piece on a recently opened gelato place in Berlin, Germany, called Cuore di Vetro, or Heart of Glass in Italian. A bit odd, I thought, as I clicked on the article on . Even more bizarre was that the author of the piece mentioned of course the Blondie song but also my book – she wondered if there was a connection as I “have a crush on all things Bowie”.  And so I do.

Link below …

Cuore di Vetro




I Heart Bookstores …

My husband and I were toodling around Hollywood the other night – driving past the old Tower Records store and the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip. After dinner we popped into one of my favorite book stores, Book Soup, the sister store of Vroman’s in Pasadena. Both are fabulous indies and kindly continue to support my work. Nestled in between Left of Boom (I’m pretty sure I’ve been there – haven’t you?!) and Lawrence of Arabia are Chanel Bonfire and Heart of Glass. #Grateful.


2017 New Year’s Giveaway …

It’s that time again – I’m giving away ten hard cover copies of HEART OF GLASS on Goodreads to ring in 2017. You have until midnight, January 14th to enter. Good luck and a huge thank you to all the people who have already entered, or who have reviewed the book on Amazon or Goodreads. Click on the link below:

2017 “Heart of Glass” New Year’s Giveaway!

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Bond’s International Casino


One night in 1981, I accompanied my pal Lee Thompson, the sax player for the band Madness, to Bond’s International Casino in Times Square. A swanky supper club in the 1930s, then a department store, in the 1970s Bonds was reborn as a punk club with a dance floor rumored to be the biggest in town. It was a crazy scene – water fountains from Liberace’s old TV show burbled on the dance floor, silver balloons shaped like people whipped around on the ceiling looking like tortured aliens, and bare chested bartenders in gold lame shorts worked the bar. I remember the ladies’ room was filled with young women rifling through suitcases looking for one of the many different outfits they had brought to change into during the evening, or feverishly pressed against the mirror doing their make-up.  Your life is like that in your early twenties–trying on different looks, different jobs, different loves, different selves–like those girls pulling on a new dress, spike heels and jungle red lipstick, rushing out to the dance floor when they heard their favorite song. bonds-ny-1980-04-blueboy-1


Little Free Library of Adams Hill


A big shout out to the Little Free Library of Adams Hill, who has welcomed copies of both my books with enthusiasm. I’m thrilled to be able to share my work with my fabulous neighborhood – our own little leafy pocket here in Glendale. As you can see, I’m in some pretty good company! Lucky me.


Grey Gardens


Last night I was lucky to be taken by a girlfriend to the opening night of Grey Gardens, the musical, at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA. I’m a big fan of the documentary by the Maysles and the HBO movie with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, so I was curious to see how the story would be told as a musical. Who would have thought that Big Edie’s song “Jerry Loves My Corn”, sung by the incredible Betty Buckley, would bring tears to my eyes! I think the Edies’ story has always resonated with me – it’s a mother, daughter struggle to the finish – and I identify with that deeply. At the end of the musical; it’s more a chamber piece really, Little Edie decides not to leave Grey Gardens, puts her suitcase down and climbs the stairs up to her mothers’ room. Watching this moment on stage, I realized that this is how my story very well could have played out. I could have stayed with my mother, as her companion and jailer. But I escaped. The Edies didn’t. And that’s why it breaks my heart every time I see it.


Heart of Glass Heading Out!


I just mailed off ten signed copies to the winners of the Goodreads Giveaway. Heart of Glass is heading to homes all over the country – Boulder Co., Derwood MD., Birmingham AL., and Satellite Beach FL. to name a few. I hope they enjoy my new book.

The photo above, which ended up on the cover of Heart of Glass, was taken by a late friend of mine, the photographer Ann Marsden. All I had was this little scrap of a picture torn from a contact sheet. I sent it to my publisher in New York, and they used some super-duper machine they have to make a copy. Amazing.